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to a safe preset temperature,
that works underwater,
and is reusable hundreds
 and hundreds of times.


The Canadian Coast Guard has used the Thermo-Pad model 818 for over twenty-five years for the treatment of hypothermia.
Thermo-Pads have been used for over twenty years in hospitals and nursing homes in Canada because it has a preset maximum temperature and contains a safe food grade salt, Thermo-Pad is the safest heating pad available. Available in a variety of sizes from the 4" x 4" hand warmer to the 8" x 18" pad to suit your needs.

 The Thermo-Pad heating pad heats in seconds to a built in preset temperature, and will radiate approximately 110o F. to provide heat for from one to three hours depending on its starting temperature and the ambient temperature. By positioning the pad inside your wet or dry suit on your lower back, your body increases the blood flow to your extremities to help warm your hands and feet.

Check out the "Scuba Special" at our on-line store

Special contains two 8" x 8" Thermo-Pad,  and two Thermo-Pad hand warmers along with a nylon/terrytowel cover with belt to position it where you want.

CLICK HERE for Thermo-Pad test results from Commercial Diving College Inc in Saint John, NB

Click Here to watch an under ice dive using Thermo-Pads
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Here's what some of our customers are saying:

"I used the Thermo-Pads for the first time yesterday. I was very impressed. It was the warmest under ice dive I can remember. We spent 80 minutes in the water. If you add to that the 30 minutes doing last minute things before entering the water  , the Pads gave me warmth for over two hours and where still warm when I got undressed.  I am really satisfied with the products."

Our order arrived safely about an hour ago and we appreciate your gift of an extra hand warmer.
Our first Thermo-pads were purchased from a Dive Consignment store on 4th Ave in Vancouver around 1990 when we were both still diving in wet suits. Both pads were then used for non diving purposes and lasted until a year ago when one of them finally surrendered to old age but the other one is still in active use, a testimony to the quality of your product.
Thanking you again.... Stephen & Lyn

"The heaters are awesome for diving and we are really happy with them!"




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