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Thermo-Pad is a safe source of instant heat that can be used anywhere heat is required.

The Thermo-Pad heats instantly to a safe preset temperature, contains a safe food grade salt and is constructed using a food safe grade of vinyl. Wrapped in a single layer of towel, Thermo-Pad is designed to generate an ideal treatment temperature and duration. Thermo-Pads are completely reusable, making them the most cost effective way to administer heat in a hospital setting.

This is what a patient was told at the W. W. Cross Cancer Institute Chemotherapy unit.

"The Thermo-Pads are one of the most important things we have for patients."


The ideal way to recharge the Thermo-Pads in a hospital setting is in CSR. Using an equipment washer/sanitizer such as a Getinge or Sterris.
A 35 minute cycle ranging from 60° C to 90° C will recharge 70 to 100 pads depending on equipment capacity.
Once recharged the pads should be laid flat to let cool.

In a Hydrocollator - Immerse the Thermo-Pad in a Hydrocollator heating unit for approximately 40 minutes or until all the crystals turn to liquid.
Be sure to remove the Thermo-Pad once it is completely liquid and lay it flat to cool.
Thermo-Pads left in the Hydrocollator can absorb water and thereby reduce the maximum activation temperature.

Always store Thermo-Pads in their liquid state.

Some Medical users of Thermo-Pads

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In most hospitals and nursing homes, safety concerns have all but eliminated the use of  heating pads except in physiotherapy. Other methods of applying heat have been used such as hot wet towels, which are messy and inconvenient; hot water bottles, that have no temperature control; or instant hot packs that may contain dangerous chemicals. Until now, no one product has allowed you to safely apply moist or dry heat instantly. Thermo-Pads are designed to deliver safe controlled heat instantly and may be used in any area of the hospital.
Listed below are some of the applications where Thermo-Pads have been used effectively.

Active Treatment - Patients with cold feet, sore backs or stiff necks can be safely given any of the Thermo-Pads for instant relief.

Physiotherapy - In small hospitals and in most nursing homes where physiotherapy is a part time position, the treatments are usually given in the patient's room. This involves transporting the hot packs from the heating unit to the patient as the pad cools. When the physiotherapist is away patients are unable to get heat therapy. With the Thermo-Pad, the pad is activated at the patient's bedside to deliver the proper temperature and can be safely administered by nursing staff.

Maternity -  For new mothers who are breast feeding, heat applied to the sides of the breast help in starting the flow of milk. Most hospitals have used hot wet towels to accomplish this resulting in wet bedding and night gowns which must be dealt with. The Thermo-Pad model 704 (7" x 4") wrapped in a towel can instantly deliver safe heat with no resulting clean up.  In the labor room, the model 808 (8" x 8") may safely be used to relieve pain in the lower back.

Pediatrics - Thermo-Pads have been used as an emergency heat source during incubator transports.

Geriatrics - The Thermo-Pad has a preset maximum temperature built into the pad that when wrapped in a single layer of towel can not burn your patient. The Thermo-Pad cools over time so the risk of burns due to long term heating, as you get with electric heating pads, is eliminated.

Recovery Room - For the treatment of hypothermia associated with anesthesia and IV infusion, hospitals are using the model 818 (8" x 18") to help speed recovery. The model 704 is also used when infusing viscous IV's.

Chemotherapy - The model 808 pad has been used by the W.W. Cross Cancer Institute since 1985, to help bring up veins and as a patient heating pad.

Staff  - Thermo-Pads have been used by staff to treat a stiff necks, sore backs or to relieve menstrual cramps. Because of their light weight, the Thermo-Pad can often be applied while they continue to work.

Other - Whether warming viscous IV's or bringing up veins for blood work, Thermo-Pads provide a safe low cost heat source. Thermo-Pads are made from a high quality hospital grade vinyl that can be sterilized by wiping with disinfectant, eliminating any possibility of cross infection. They may be reused hundreds of times resulting in a cost of pennies per use.

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