I first saw this product in February of 1982, while in California with my wife on business. We were shown the product by a family friend who knew one of the inventors. It took a year and a half to sort out the status of the patent and who the parties involved were. Six more months of product testing in a hospital; redesigning the product and setting up manufacturing, and we were ready to go. Hood Thermo-Pad Canada Ltd. was formed in 1983 in Edmonton, Alberta.
The first time the product was shown to the public, was at a trade show in Calgary, Alberta in March of 1984.
In 1989 my wife and I moved the company and our family to Summerland, BC. Summerland is located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley ( Wine Country) about a four hour drive east of Vancouver, BC. Okanagan Lake is two blocks from our home and skiing at  Apex Resort is only a forty minute drive up into the mountains. The temperature is moderated by the lake so we never seem to get too hot or too cold. Although the move was strictly a lifestyle choice, I have found that conducting business from here is very efficient. We are on a major truck route and service both in and out of the valley is exceptional.
The Thermo-Pad is a product that has to be seen to be completely understood. For the first time you can carry a safe heating pad that heats instantly anywhere anytime you need heat and it is completely reusable. By going through the information posted at this site, you should have a good understanding of this amazing product.
Thank you,
John Hood, President

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